ERP accounting module system is easy to use and helps the finance department to monitor and control the overall business activities essential to drive profitability, liquidity and stability. The accounting module is designed to automate general accounting operations, providing flexibility and utility to both SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) and to large enterprises with more complex activities. Our accounting system help users achieve end-to-end view of the business finances enabling them to have a sound financial planning and management to ensure sustained growth. It is integrated with sales, distribution, procurement, inventory and payroll.

Accounts Group Management

Financial Budgeting

Customer/Supplier/Employee Opening

Item Finance Account Mapping

Ledger Master

Account Book Record

Profit Loss Account

Cost Center Master

Bank/Cash Voucher

Cheque Printing

GST Billing

Employee Loan and Advances Management

Simple and easy to use TDS module

Journal Voucher/Credit Note/Debit Note

Outstanding Clearance

Day Book

Receipt/Payment Report

Trial Balance Report

Amount Due Payable/Receivable

Balance Sheet

Drill down facility

P/L Account

Stock Valuation

Sales Summary Report

Material Consumption Costing

WIP Costing

Exporting data from external sources like excel sheets etc.

Bill Settlement for Payment and Receipt against bills

Bank and Ledger reconciliation

MIS Reports etc.